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The Ortiz Firm blends traditional customer-service virtues with  modern communication systems.  With a diverse client history, our firm handles the real estate needs of clients with the best interest of the client in mind. A qualified team of Realtors who possess unique insight into their given markets, The Ortiz Firm's Agents are ready to provide ​expertise in:

Residential Sales & Listings 

Commercial Sales & Listings 

Farm & Ranch  

Raw Land & Acreage

Residential Property Management 

Commercial Property Management


Owner + Designated Broker

"If you don’t ever dream it ... 

it will never happen!”


The Ortiz Firm believes in maintaining, by affirmative efforts, a membership of partners and associates reflecting a wide variety of religious, political, ethnic and social backgrounds characteristic of our community. We believe that through this policy we provide our clients with a greater breadth of understanding and wider contacts with the world at large, while demonstrating the value of democratic principles as applied to the organization of real estate acquisition and sales. 

We prize highly among our partners and associates these among other qualities: a selfless and whole-hearted dedication to the best interests of clients; unflagging efforts to work efficiently and meet timelines, with the care and perfection of craftsmanship; readiness at all times to help others in these endeavors, whenever help is needed; and, most of all, integrity. To all this, our founder, David A. Ortiz embraces and practices his company motto  –  TAG. PASS IT ON.


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